Welcome to ReportAuto!
To view our 360 degree captures, please open desired vehicle, follow green tabs and slowly drag or swipe cursor from left to right.
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What we do?
ReportAuto is a software company which have developed unique technology to detect and inspect vehicle exterior damages from an all angle 360-degree overview captured with a smartphone.
Our solution is great tool for insurance companies. Pre-insurance inspection can be done remotely and client does not have to drive anywhere! 360-degree format ensure good overview of the vehicle and eliminate possible misunderstandings.
Innovative and comfortable way to estimate vehicle's normal wear and tear. We detect even small damages. 360-degree format gives good overview for vehicle appraisals.
Car rental
360-degree format is good for documentation. By detecting damages accurately we reduce uncertainty for client and car rental company.
Car sharing
Car sharing is the future trend. One of the biggest obstacles in this industry is vehicle inspection. Our solution enables doing inspection remotely. Together with damage detection we deliver accurate overview of current state of the car.
Car sales
While buying a car a lot of research is done online. 360-degree format with damage detection gives honest overview of the vehicle. It is quality certificate for sellers who want to deliver best service for their customers.